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At Estonia Startup Academy, we strive to deliver comprehensive learning experiences tailored to the needs of global entrepreneurs.

Rapid Website Creation

Launch your online presence swiftly. Learn to create professional-looking websites using user-friendly platforms like WordPress and Shopify, no coding required.

Digital Marketing and Social Media

Harness the power of digital channels. Learn to create and implement effective marketing strategies on popular social media platforms and even launch your first newsletter.

Startup Management Essentials

Navigate the startup landscape confidently. Understand the fundamentals of business planning, finance management, and operational efficiency.

Rapid Website Creation

Build a professional online presence, no
coding needed.

Startup Management Essentials

Master the fundamentals to steer your startup
to success.

Empowering Startups Worldwide

Our courses help you convert ideas into reality.

At Estonia Startup Academy, we are passionate about supporting entrepreneurs on their journey from concept to launch. Our comprehensive courses are designed to arm you with the practical skills needed to build, manage, and grow
your startup.

  • Each course is carefully crafted, keeping in mind the unique challenges and opportunities that startups face. From creating your first website with no coding needed, to mastering the fundamentals of business management, we are here to guide you every step of the way.

    Join our community of passionate learners and innovators. Start learning today to transform your vision into a successful startup.

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How Our Courses Help You Succeed

Website Creation
Proficiency achieved within a month of course completion 90%
Startup Management
of students gain advanced understanding within two months 85%
Digital Marketing
Achieve proficiency in online marketing strategies within a month 75%
Financial Planning for Startups
Students master budgeting and financial management within two months 70%

Meet Your Mentor

Roberto Mas, a seasoned entrepreneur dedicated to your success

With over 30 years of experience in the digital space, Roberto brings unparalleled expertise to guide your startup journey.

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Your success is the top priority here at Estonia Startup Academy.

Our courses and resources are curated with your unique needs in mind, offering guidance that is always in sync with your strategy.

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